Sajal Aly Reminds Qabar To People For Hating A Song Ko Ko Korina


Have you been following Coke Studio Season 11? Well if you haven’t been, you’re only missing all the songs you SHOULD. Like every year people have been waiting for Coke Studio right after Pepsi Battle of the Bands, but seems like all they looked forward to was disappointment.


And if there was one hope to see it make a comeback, it was the youth sensation Ahad Raza Mir bringing back the magic of Ko Ko Korina, alongside Momina Mustehsan. That, too, became a mess. In fact the biggest one.

Memes have been taking rounds about how much people are hating his singing skills. Ahad has been all over the hearts of everyone who watches Pakistani dramas and movies, around the globe, after his outstanding acting skills in the drama ‘Yakeen Ka Safar‘ and movie ‘Parwaaz Hai Junoon‘. No doubt about his flawless acting and charismatic personality. But we all feel singing is just not his thing.

Memes and criticism have been on for the last 3 days, on all the social media. Even Shireen Mazari came up with her opinion about it and Momina couldn’t quite take that. Well, after three days, Ahad’s rumored girlfriend and best on-screen partner, Sajal Aly came in the limelight to support him. The beautiful actress took it to Instagram and said

And captioned it

‘kaheen beet na jaye raina! #khudakakhoofkarlain’

Well, girl, do you remember how people started pouring love right from their hearts and souls when Ahad appeared as Asfi in Yakeen Ka Safar? And applauded for all the awards he won for his acting? And just recently for his mind-blowing performance in Parwaaz hai Junoon? That, too, was all these people. If they are allowed to love you for what you do the best, they have all the rights to dislike something you are not so good at.

A star is not some one who doesn’t know how to take criticism for their work. An artist should be ready for all kinds of responses and accept them gracefully. It feels like it’ll still take you a lot of time to become a star after the great actor that you are.

We understand this must have put Ahad and his loved ones down but we really want to tell Ahad to not bring his singing to the screens and we’ll just keep loving him for the person and actor that he is. And for Sajal, girl keep calm. There’s more you can do to lift Ahad up in this time. Lots of luck and love to both of them!

After few hours Sajal deleted the post from her Instagram.


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