Home Safety with Security System Technology


Home security usually comes down to security cameras and alarms. But what if we told you that you shouldn’t be limited by it? There are plenty of other ways to protect yourself and your home from any unwanted attention.


Modern security systems can include alarms, smoke detectors, cameras, carbon dioxide detectors and motion sensors to protect your space in the best way possible. There are some other things that you can do to secure your house and create that safe space. You will know of everything that happens there when you are at home or not.

1) Ring

The device does have a camera in it. So technically, it is a surveillance camera, but it is masked and looks like a doorbell. Ring allows you not only to see the person ringing your doorbell but also to speak to them remotely through the app on your phone wherever you are. So if a mailman brought you a package you can tell them to leave it or come later, if there are any friends or family members coming over unexpectedly you can either let them in or tell them to come later. The possibilities are endless.

2) Smart locks

With the smart locks it is going to be much more convenient to track the comings and goings of people in your home. You will be able to open and close your door via a code or fingerprint, the doors will unlock automatically when you come close, saving you that extra step. There are even special systems to help you lock and unlock your garage door remotely in case you want to let the deliveryman put something there or if a neighbor comes to borrow something from your garage and you are not at home at the moment. With these smart locks you can also check if you have locked the door or not, locking them remotely in case you forgot. This is very convenient, it will keep you safer and save you the worries because no matter where you are in the world you will know if your doors are locked or not.

3) Smart lighting

With smart lights you will be able to protect your home from thieves when you are away. It is a genius system that saves energy and keeps your property safe. What you are going to do is to turn the light on remotely in the evening giving the appearance of someone inside and turn them off in the day to save the energy. The trick is as old as the world, but now you have a smart and energy efficient way of doing it.

4) Smart smoke detector

If set up right your smoke and carbon dioxide detector will raise the alarm and even open the doors for you, in order for you and your family to exit the space on time and without any losses. If the alarm is false and the source of the smoke is simply a cooking crisis or an excessive amount of scented candles you will be able to dismiss the alarm with the swipe of your hand.


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