CBD: What It Is And Its Great Medical Benefits


Cannabidiol, also commonly referred to as CBD, is quite an interesting organic compound. In the recent past, CBD has been credited for many people changing their minds regarding how they viewed the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes before. While most people have heard of the related chemical THC, not many are familiar with CBD. Although both are organic compounds extracted from marijuana, their purposes vary widely. While THC can get you high, CBD is quite different in that it has lots of medicinal benefits. Besides, it doesn’t have the same side effects as THC on its user’s body. Below we bring you some important facts about CBD:


1) Main Ingredient in Cannabis


Both THC and CBD are highly concentrated organic compounds in the marijuana plant. Even recreational cannabis growers have noticed how high the levels of CBD are in their crops. Some breeders have even found ways to grow cannabis with higher concentrations of CBD and lower levels of THC. In fact, these strains of the cannabis crop are becoming even more popular with time. As you may have guessed, people are looking to gain more of the advantages of CBD while avoiding THC’s adverse side effects.


2) Unlike THC, CBD is NOT Psychoactive


Contrary to what many people believe, products like CBD oil and capsules can’t get one high. The CBD found in these products — or even the CBD contained in the cannabis crop itself — can’t make you high. Only the THC chemical part of marijuana is psychoactive. CBD doesn’t act in the same way as THC when it comes into contact with the user’s brain’s pathways. It never interferes with a person’s psychological or psychomotor functions like THC does. In simple terms, CBD is 100% safe and will never get you high!


3) CBD’s Medicinal Value


Taking CBD and its numerous products has been proved to have quite a number of health and medical benefits. For instance, CBD can be used by people suffering from bouts of excessive nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy or another treatment that has similar side effects. The chemical is also a great remedy for suppressing seizures. CBD also helps fight inflammation and other neurodegenerative disorders of the body. People suffering from anxiety, stress and depression have also reported getting relief on using CBD. So in case you are experiencing one of these disorders and conditions, you may want to consult your physician about a possible CBD oil or capsule supplement program.


4) CBD Limits The Effects Of THC


It is important to note that those strains of the cannabis crop and extracts that contain very high levels of THC are the ones that make people to feel disoriented, sleepy and high. Most users of the strains of marijuana that contain high concentrations of CBD have reported not suffering the same effects. In fact, on the contrary, some have even claimed to feel more alert after using this CBD-filled cannabis. This is because CBD acts to counteract the negative impact of THC on the body, rendering the latter strains of marijuana relatively harmless as well.


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